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Broad nylon monofilament Meteor Float 100m / 0,12mm / 1.26kg
Broad nylon monofilament Meteor Float 100m / 0,12mm / 1.26kg
2.85 €
1.71 €
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HOME     Winter    Jigger    XP BAITS BUTTERFLY / Winter - summer. Super discount, ONE PRICE!    XP BAITS Ice Jig Butterfly 40 mm
Title: XP BAITS Ice Jig Butterfly #01 Perch, 40mm, 3 gr
Code: #01 Perch
Description: The main design feature of ice fishing jig are movable wings. The construction is designed in a way, that when lowering into the water, wings are disclosed to a certain angle, allowing the lure to glide. When lifting up, wings are folding themselves, thus eliminating frontal resistance of water and movement of the ice fishing jig in the wrong direction.

For the fast lures’ lifting is foreseen new structural element «TFLF» (Temporary Fishing Line Fastening). It delivers the bait to the desired depth without the glide effect, which saves time and allows keep the flock of fish.
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